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Roger Fisher and William Ury

Getting to Yes:  Negotiating Agreement without Giving In

The classic negotiation book, offering a concise step-by-step proven strategy for coming to mutually acceptable agreements in every sort of conflict.

Arline Kardasis, Rikk Larsen, Crystal THorpe and Blair Trippe

Mom Always Liked You Best:  A Guide for Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Battles and Eldercare Crises

Tools and useful advice to help families handle eldercare challenges together - communicating, making decisions and solving problems, from the perspective of elder mediators who have helped many families

Wendy Lustbader

Counting on Kindness: The Dilemmas of Dependency

Rosalie Kane says this book "contains extraordinary insights into the phenomena of illness, death, caregiving, and being beholden."

Jacqueline Marcell

Elder RAGE or Take My Father... Please: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents

A true story written with compassion and humor and a how-to guide for struggling caregivers.

Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler

Crucial Conversations:  Tools for Talking When Stakes are High          
"Crucial" conversations are interpersonal exchanges at work or at home that we dread, but know that we annot avoid. Crucial Conversations offers readers a proven seven-point strategy for achieving their goals in all those emotionally, psychologically, or legally charged situations.

Francine Russo

They’re Your Parents, Too!  How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents’ Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy

An amazing and intuitive examination of how (and why) different siblings confront the transitions involved when parents get sick, need assistance and die. Certainly points to the many conflicts (small and large) that persist during such topsy-turvy times.

David Solie, MS, PA

How to Say It to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with our Elders

A practical guide for families/professionals to understand the unique perspective of seniors, with tools to relate to them.

Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen            

Difficult Conversations:  How to Discuss What Matters Most

Teaches how to handle even the toughest conversations more effectively and with less anxiety, based on work from the Harvard Negotiation Project.




Caregiver Guide: Tips for Caregivers of People with Alzheimer's Disease

A very useful guide, with tips on various aspects of caregiving - from bathing and dressing to hallucinations and wandering.

New York Times – Alzheimer’s

Overview of Alzheimer’s (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Complications, Treatment) and recent findings and perspectives on medical research.about the disease.


National Family Caregivers Association
Helps transform family caregivers' lives with the mission to educate, support, empower and advocate.

Family Caregiver Alliance

National Center on Caregiving is a public voice for caregivers – providing information, education, services, research and advocacy.

A trusted resource created by caregivers for caregivers. provides the practical information, easy-to-use tools, and personal support you need during this challenging time. Accessible eldercare information relevant to your needs, A community of fellow caregivers, Reliable advice about products and services.

So Far Away: Twenty Questions for Long-Distance Caregivers

A publication from the National Institute of Aging, this pamphlet focuses on some of the issues unique to long-distance caregiving and is a gateway to ideas and resources.

New York TImes Blog: The New Old Age: Caring and Coping

In The New Old Age, Jane Gross explores this unprecedented intergenerational challenge and shares the stories of readers, the advice of professionals, and the wisdom gleaned from her own experience.



Celebrations of Life

Celebrations of Life was created to help individuals, families, and businesses celebrate the extraordinary uniqueness of their lives. Specially trained professionals help clients leave meaningful legacies.

Ethical Wills

Ethical wills are a way to share your values, blessings, life's lessons, hopes and dreams for the future, love, and forgiveness with your family, friends, and community.



          CSA (Certified Senior Advisors) Journal - Add a New "Must" Professional to your Network

          Professionals who serve seniors often see family disagreements that affect their ability to serve the senior's
          best interests.  CSA's can help families resolve disputes by referring them to a professional elder mediator.

          Contrasting Styles of Mediation:  Evaluative, Facilitative and Transaformative

          Different styles of mediation have different philosphies - learn about mediation styles.

        Mediation Helps Ease the Tough Conversations

Overview of elder mediation as a tool to resolve differences regarding eldercare concerns, published in "Prime Time for Seniors", July 2008.

Caregiving by Committee

How mediation can help the family "committee" of caregivers, especially when the committee doesn't communicate effectively, published in "Prime Time for Seniors", October 2008.

How Elder Mediators Differ from Other Eldercare Specialists

The use of mediation in elder/adult family conflicts is still a rather new concept. There are areas of overlap between elder mediators and elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers, and psycho-therapists, yet there are also clear distinctions. Article by ELDEResolutions partner Debbie Reinberg, published at

Resolving Adult-Elder Family Conflicts - A Necessity, Especially in Today's Economy

Today's downturn in economy has impacted the financial picture for many older adults. Such changes may result in family conflicts. This article, published in (the elder care section) describes potential elder conflicts and outlines tips for maintaining peaceful family relationships.

Caring for Your Aging Parents: How to Handle Family Conflicts

Article from about navigating sensitive family dynamics. The article describes common causes of family tension, how to avoid family blowups and to resolve them, as they occur.

Helping Families Find Harmony (pdf)

Describes how elder mediation, as partial service, provides a unique way to help families reach accord.

Why Mediation Works (pdf)

Provides reasons why facilitative mediation works to help resolve conflicts.



      ELDEResolutions FORMS


          Elder Mediation Questionnaire

          This questionnaire will help us better understand your situation and, should you choose mediation, will help us develop a plan for


          Agreement to Mediate

          This Agreement must be completed and signed by all parties before we initiate a mediation.  This is a sample for you to read and
          review. We will complete and execute an agreement with your names on it to sign before we proceed.

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