Facilitation services can help ease the tough conversations. Sometimes, families and groups such as nursing staff or administrators may not be clear about their goals or directions. Groups often have difficulty either setting clear goals or managing the goals they have set. Facilitation is a process by which a neutral and impartial facilitator helps guide discussion and assists a group to operate more productively.

Facilitation is not as formal as mediation, but uses many of the same skills in a different manner. Good facilitation can help a group or a family:

  • Identify interests and needs
  • Set goals
  • Set group norms and ground rules
  • Help group members listen to and hear one another
  • Create a safe environment for dialogue
  • Develop a plan of action for now and the future

The facilitators at ELDEResolutions will help you plan the discussion or conversation you need to have by helping to set the agenda and the ground rules of the meeting.  We work with your family or group to allow all members to participate in the discussion. Facilitation can also be used to provide feedback on how you can work more productively as a group. Give us a call to see if we might be able to assist you.

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